Cranberry Pre Order

Weight:- 350 g


Cranberries are a well-known super fruit. They are available in the shape of a sauce or juice. Cranberries can also be used as stuffing, casseroles, and desserts. These nutrient-dense berries are also a Thanksgiving feast favorite. Cranberries are a North American natural fruit. They presently occupy around 58,000 acres of farmland in the northern United States, Chile, and Canada.

 Health benefits:
Cranberries, in particular, have several health advantages. They are a good source of antioxidants and vitamins.
Cranberries were traditionally utilized by Native Americans to treat bladder and renal problems, while early English immigrants employed them to treat weak appetite, stomach complaints, blood abnormalities, and scurvy.
Nowadays cranberries are used in managing UTIs, slowing down cancer progression, enhancing oral health, etc.

How to use:
These fruits can also be candied, juiced, or baked into muffins. Their high fiber content and unique plant compounds may boost your health. Cranberries can be consumed fresh as a whole, or as juice, or dropped as smoothies and cocktails.