Crassula Argentea Crosbys Compacta

Weight:- 400 g

Crosby Dwarf




Eastern Cape, South Africa


A very hardy, upright shrub that grows smaller than the standard Crassula ovata. Crassula ovata Crosbys Compacta is a much branched, slow growing succulent shrub, up to 3 feet tall, with thick stems that hold up to 1 inch long, obovate leaves that are green, with red margins.The white, star-like flowers appear in clusters within at the tips of the foliage in late fall through winter.


Jade plants need full sun to develop their full coloration. Water sparingly or abundantly. Reduce water in the winter

Landscape Use

A wonderful mini tree in a fairy garden or miniature garden. Can be used as a hedging plant as well as a shrub in the garden. Makes a great potted plant.