Crinum Moorei Album (Bulbs)

Weight:- 500 g

Natal Lily




Asia & Africa


The Crinum Lily is a spectacularly huge lily. It grows rapidly to over 5' high with 5' long sword to strap shaped leaves. They re exotic, fragrant, and exciting bell shaped flowers, that come with a lovely scent and are related to the Amaryllis plant.

Crinum Moorei flowers are largely white (and much whiter than the species) but they have a hint of pink in bud.

The large bulb (up to 200 mm in diameter) of Crinum moorei rests just under the surface of the soil but has a an elongate neck which protrudes a further 200-300 mm above ground. The long, flat, dark green leaves (up to 1 m long and about 200 mm wide), emerge in a rosette from the neck which also produces a long flowering stalk in summer of 1.2 m or more, topped by 5-10 large, open, white to pale pink flowers.


They perform best in full sun (but not burning sun, partial shade from the extreme heat of the sun) so give them all they can get, and a well-draining soil.

Landscape Use

They make wonderful specimens and very attractive pool plants for landscaping by a pool.