Crocosmia 'Aurora' (Bulbs)

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Weight:- 500 g

Montbretia Aurora




South Africa


Crocosmia 'Aurora' is a clump-forming, cormous perennial with upright, lance-shaped, dark green leaves and arching stems bearing racemes of funnel-shaped, red-flushed, orange flowers from midsummer to mid-autumn. Crocosmia grow up to 1-5 ft. tall (30-150 cm) and begin to produce their lovely blossoms in the summer.


Crocosmia are easily grown in moderately fertile, humus-rich soil that is moist but well-drained. They thrive in full sun or partial shade where they will multiply rapidly and readily. Crocosmia are also drought tolerant (once established), salt tolerant, deer and rabbit resistant. They should be planted in clumps of 12 or more. Crocosmia may be grown in containers - make sure you select a large pot with drainage holes.

Landscape Use

Crocosmia make excellent border plants, providing color and contrast to the perennial border.