Curcuma 'Panama Purple'- Summer Tulip (Bulbs)

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Weight:- 500 g

Siam Tulip






Panama Purple has wonderful pleated leaves from 3-4 feet tall with a pretty red midrib stripe. It blooms in the spring among the foliage and has a very erect stature allowing the foliage and blooms to stand out.

Dark purple inflorescence emerge amongst the foliage in the spring. This species is about 2 . Its leaves are distinguished by a dark purple strip down the center.

Siam tulip is a repeat bloomer that produces abundant inflorescences in summer Plants go dormant in winter


Curcuma Rhizomes prefer medium moisture, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. For indoor planting make sure your container should contain drainage holes. Some pebbles or little rocks in the bottom of the container can help and improve the drainage. Keep the soil moist but do not overwater. Use humus rich compost with equal quantity of horticultural sand mixed to make the compost well drained and light. Slow release fertilizers can be used.

The best place would be to plant and store the Curcuma plant in a partial shaded area and not too much exposure to direct sunlight, as the Curcuma foliage does not like too much strong sunlight.

Landscape Use

Looks superb grown in groups within the flower bed and border, or equally as effective planted and grown on the patio in pots or containers