Delonix Regia - Gulmohar

Weight:- 1300 g

Delonix Regia






Delonix Rexia is commonly known as Flame tree or Gulmohar and is an ornamental tree. The tree grows 10 - 18 meters tall, with a large, buttressed bole that can attain a girth of up to 2 meters. The flowers of Delonix regia are large, with four spreading scarlet or orange-red petals up to 8cm long, and a fifth upright petal called the standard, which is slightly larger and spotted with yellow and white. Each leaf is 30cm long with 20 to 40 pairs of primary leaflets or pinnae.


Delonix Rexia demands light (requires sun) and grows weakly and sparsely under shade. The species seems to tolerate many types of soils from clay to sandy, but it prefers sandy soils. Established plants are very drought tolerant.

Landscape Uses

It is used in parks, gardens and roadsides due to its bright red flowers.