Didierea madagascariensis - Madagascar Octopus Tree

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Weight:- 2000 g

Didierea Madagascariensis




    South Madagascar


    Didierea Badagascariensis is a spiny, succulent thorn-bush tree which can reach 4 to 6 meters,columnar at first, later branching. These hardy drought-resistant plants appear as a spine-encrusted mass of branches. The thin, grayish-green strip-like, dry deciduous leaves are well protected between the large, branched spines. The flowers are inconspicuous and male and female flowers appear on separate plants.


    Use a very draining but rich soil, and not too much sun. Octopus tree can take a good deal of water during active growth and should be watered only when not dormant. Keep mostly dry during its long dormancy in winter

    Landscape Use

    A very unusual plant for the dry tropical or warm temperate garden.