Dwarf Crape Jasmine

Weight:- 500 g

Carnation of India






Dwarf Crape jasmine or Tabernaemontana Divaricata is a pretty little shrub with a rounded shape and pinwheel flowers reminiscent of gardenias. The shrub is very common in India & generally grows to a height of 2 ft. However, it can also grow into a small tree with a thin, crooked stem. Like many members of the Oleander family, stems exude milky latex when broken. The large shiny leaves are deep green.
Crape jasmine blooms in spring but flowers appear sporadically all year. The waxy blossoms are white five-petaled pinwheels that are borne in small clusters on the stem tips.


Crepe jasmines thrive outdoors in warm climates& needs a well drained soil. The plant grows in both full sun or partial shade. The plant prefers a little acidic soil. If the soil is very alkaline, crepe jasmine care will include more frequent applications of fertilizer.

Landscape Use

Showy ornamental plant , Hedge , shrubbery border