Dwarf Pomegranate

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Weight:- 850 g

Punica granatum 'Nana'






The Dwarf Pomegranate is one of the best compact, ornamental shrubs and popular choice for growing Bonsai. The real treat is in the flowers. They look almost like carnations, usually a dazzling orange-red colour, followed by small 5cm ( 2 in) orange -red fruit.

It is a dense, deciduous shrub with leaves that are dark with beautiful hues of bronze in late autumn. Its compact size makes it suitable to containers


Place the tree outside; the tree does well in full sun. Keep the plant damp, as drought seriously harms the plant.

If you want the tree to grow healthy flowers and fruits, use a fertilizer with high phosphorous and high potassium from spring to late summer. If you opt for fast growth remove flowers and use a normal fertilizer.

Prune back to one or two sets of leaves. If you want the tree to flower wait with any pruning until after blooming.

Repot Pomegranate Bonsai every two years in spring.

Landscape Use

Ideal specimen plant for Bonsai


The Dwarf variety is not for producing fruit to eat - only for ornamental purposes. The fruit is so small that inside the fruit, it is pretty much only pulp