Dwarf Ruby Loropetalum

Weight:- 750 g

Chinese Fringe Flower




Japan, China & India


Ruby Loropetalum or Chinese Fringe Flower is a rounded, bushy, evergreen shrub with oval to ovate, ruby red leaves and fragrant, spider-like, hot pink flowers in late winter or early spring. These flowers are 1 to 1 inch long and made up of slender long strappy petals. Being a true dwarf, 'Ruby' makes for a nicely compact, rounded shrub, averaging 2-3 feet.


Loropetalum is very easy shrub to grow. It thrives in sun or light shade in any well-drained, sandy-loam to loam soil with a slightly acid pH. Unfortunately, the shrub lacks good drought tolerance, so be sure to keep it watered well during dry spells.

When fertilizing Chinese fringe flowers, it is recommended to use a slow release fertilizer. A fertilizer with equal amounts of NPK is ideal.

Landscape Use

The Chinese fringe plant makes an excellent border or specimen. Plant them together as a screen or along the edges of the home as foundation plants.