Echeveria Agavoides V. Corderoyi

Weight:- 1000 g

Wax Agave






Echeveria agavoides is a stemless, star-shaped rosette of fat leaves up to 20 cm in diameter. Very short stem 3-5cm tall and 5-3cm in diameter

Wax agave has thick and solid- leaves which are moderately keeled 3 cm wide near base, 5 mm thick, satiny translucent light apple-green that tend to assume red colour in summer .


Echeveria are easily grown succulents that can tolerate sun, shade, moist soils, dry soils, but look their best only when given adequate light levels and water, and ideally should be grown outdoors in full sun.

These are able to tolerate extended dry periods and survive drought without the need for watering, but they will grow stronger if they receive adequate moisture during their growing season, but never allowing the plant to remain waterlogged (root rot sensitive).

Landscape Use

It is an excellent plant for garden rockery settings and desert type landscape