Echinopsis eyriesii

Weight:- 800 g

Globular cactus






Echinopsis eyriesii is a very popular large caespitose cactus, widely grown for the huge nocturnal flowers. It is the best known and most commonly grown globular cactus. Stems are globular, later elongated and almost cylindrical, 15-30 cm high,12 to 15 cm thick, dark green and heavily ribbed. Spines are 14 to 18 but very short.

Flower are nocturnal, pure white, very large, from the side of plant but above the middle, 17 to 25 cm long, 5-10 cm in diameter (The presence of pink shades in the flower shows hybridization)


This species flourishes best in limestone along with good potting material. Requires moderate watering and should be completely drained during summers. Winters need less watering. Sunlight loving, these Cactus should be protected from the harsh sun but afternoon sunlight is good for their growth.

Landscape Uses

Usually these are outdoor plant, grass lands, landscapes.