Eucalyptus Honey

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Weight:- 330 g

Type: Multifloral
Flavour: Sweet, Light, floral
Colour: Light Yellow to Amber
Nectar Source: E. tereticornis / Eucalyptus
Harvesting Season: February-March / November - December
Region of Origin: Himachal Pradesh
Pairing: Herbal mixtures / Chai

Our Eucalyptus honey comes from the pure environment of the Himalayan foothills in Himachal Pradesh. Although the plant isn’t native to the Indian subcontinent, its medicinal properties ensured that the leaves and oil have become an integral part of home remedies. Locally known as safeda, the honey is known to have a higher concentration of Vitamin C & B9 ensuring its role both for respiratory ailments and as a decongestant.

The most balanced of our honeys, it is a perfect blend of sweet and savory with a characteristic satin finish. It pairs well with almost everything but our favorite is with a herbal mixture or a cup of chai