Euphorbia aggregata

Weight:- 400 g

African Milk Barrel


South Africa




Euphorbia aggregata is a dwarf dioecious succulent shrub, very spiny and free-branching that forms a low tufted cushion-like mass composed of hundreds of heads about 2 to 4 inches tall and 1 inch diameter, generally about 10 ribs per column, dull green with randomly spaced, stout pale, solitary spikes about a half-inch long. This plant resembles Euphorbia ferox but spines are less common, plant is shorter and spines have no obvious purple in them.

The flowers are solitary cyathia, simple, near the branches tips, about 3 mm in diameter; peduncles up to 3 mm, with a few small Bracts. Nectar glands spreading, separate greenish-yellow or purple.


Euphorbia succulent varieties are easy to grow and are suited to any well drained soil in full sun. They grow well when there is a layer of brick and charcoal pieces, on top of which sandy loam soil is spread. They need little maintenance. Young plant are happy growing indoors


Ideal for windowsill & pot culture.