Ferocactus Latispinus Var. Flavispinus

Weight:- 400 g

Crow's Claw Cactus






F. latispinus is a modest-sized ball-shaped or flat-topped barrel cactus, which normally remains a solitary plant, without dividing or producing offsets. The var. flavispinus differs only for the spines colour which is yellow instead of reddish-brown.

It has 4 large central spine of which the lowest one is conspicuously wider, thick and flat, apically bent downward and hooked up to 4cm long. and lie flat against the body. This prominent spine is yellow coloured . The other central spines are still stout, but much narrower and not curved.

Radial spines are 6-12 up to 2,5cm long, spreading out , smaller, translucent yellow straight that have almost no width at all.

The bloom comes with beautiful glassy straw-yellow , up to 6cm long and 3cm broad.


It prefers the sun in the seasons of passage (spring and autumn), while in the summer it likes the partial shade,

It is suited for any rich, well drained soil such us clay, pumice, lava grit, and only a little peat or leaf-mould. If potted, repot preferably in the spring, if their roots become cramped. Generally, they should be repotted every other year in order to provide fresh soil. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they'll need larger containers. Fill about a quarter of the pot with broken crocks, gravel, etc. to promote good drainage.

Feed every 4 weeks with a Nitrogen-poor and Potassium & Phosphorus-rich fertilizer during summer.

Once a month it is recommended to clean it with a painter's brush, to remove the dust that creeps under the big thorns.

Landscape Uses

It is an excellent plant for garden rockery settings, desert type landscapes, patios and botanical gardens,