Ficus microcarpa 'Compacta'

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"Bonsai Stem"




Asia & Australia


Ficus microcarpa Compacta is a ficus like any other, except that it is grown primarily as a bonsai tree. The thick shiny evergreen leaves generously cloth the long branches. The dense rounded canopy and gracefully drooping branches make it ideal for bonsai.

As it is a Ficus plants ,it makes florets without the petal to a yellow-colored bud-formed spadix in summers.


All figs appreciate a balanced moisture regime at the roots. Allow the soil surface to dry slightly before watering again, but never let the soil dry out completely. This species is not demanding on the soil; Any soil mixture will do, as long as it does not stay wet for long. Fertilize using regular house-plant fertilizer at 50% of recommended strength, once a week during the growing season. Never fertilize when the plant is sick.

Figs have the tendency to drop leaves when moved from one location to another. The difference in watering, air moisture and light intensity indicates to the tree a change of season, and they will drop their foliage in response. This is nothing to worry about. Within 2 weeks the plant should start growing new foliage.

Landscape Use

Grown and widely distributed as an ornamental bonsai plant,