Fishtail Sword Fern

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Weight:- 700 g

Nephrolepis biserrata var. furcans




Southeast Asia, Australia, North and South America,


Provide part sun to full shade in moist to well-drained soil..


Fish tail fern is a ground-dwelling or terrestrial fern, native to southeastern Asia. It spreads slowly by rhizomes (below ground stems) and stolons (above ground lateral stems). The leaf stems or petioles are covered with sparse to moderately numerous, one-color, reddish to light brown hair-like scales. The fronds are evergreen, long, once-pinnate, or feather like, and end in two or three forked division like the tail of a fish. This gives the fern a frilly look. The fronds are often arching or drooping.

Landscape Use

Groundcover, Houseplant