Flaming Glorybower

Weight:- 800 g

Clerodendrum splendens




Western Africa


Clerodendrum splendens, commonly called flaming glory bower is a twining, evergreen, woody-stemmed vine that typically grows to 10-12' long. Elliptic to ovate leaves (to 7 long) are a lustrous dark green. Flowers are salver form (which means tuba shaped) having a slender tube with an abruptly expanded corolla, bright red flowers bloom in dense terminal clusters (to 4-5" long).

Flowers are attractive to butterflies.


Flaming Glorybower performs best in full sun to part shade with plenty of moisture. The plant prefers rich, fertile, well-drained soil.

The vines are also very thirsty, and you must never allow them to dry out during the active growing season.
It needs frequent fertilization to supply nutrients required to produce blooms. Feed the plant a slow-release fertilizer every two months during the blooming season, or use a water-soluble fertilizer every month.

Landscape Use

Annual vine for trellises, arbors or fences