Fragrant Virgin's Bower - Clematis Flammula

Weight:- 650 g

Fragrant Clematis


Ranunculaceae (Buttercup family)


Southern Europe & Northern Africa


Requires a rich moist soil. Warm Climate


Fragrant Virgin's Vower is a climber with opposite leaves primarily trifoliate, although some of them are simple. It is cultivated worldwide as an ornamental plant in gardens. The flowers are white, borne in fall. The blooms are nicely fragrant and visited by bees.. Leaflets are thick, sparsely hairy, entire (rarely 2-lobed). This woody vine bears fragrant white flowers, 2-3 cm across, and small green achene s. When the flowers are newly opened they have a strong sweet almond fragrance. The vine grows in a tangled mass that is heavily sprinkled with flowers throughout the warmer months. The stems are initially green or dull red, but they eventually turn brown and woody. If the vine has no other plants or structures to climb on, it will climb on itself, forming a large, densely tangled bush. The plant sends out many shoots and can reach over five meters in height. It is sweet-smelling but poisonous.

Landscape Use

Specimen decoration along fences and trellises, or as ground cover. Also does well in containers

*The plant will be 10" and will come with a black pot.