Grabenord Organic Fusilli Pasta - 250g

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Weight:- 250 g


In a large Pot, bring 6 cups of water to a boil, When the water begins to boil eapidly, add half a teaspoon salt & pasta, Cook till al dante on a medium to high flame, While the pasta cooks, rinse & Chop the veggies, Drain off the pasta to a colander when done & rinse in cold water, Set aside. Reserve 3 -4 tablespoons of pasta cooked water, Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a pan, when the oil turns hot, add cumin, When they begin to spultter, then add finely chopped garlic, Fry till it begins to smell good for a minute or two, Add onions and fry until they turn pink, Then add chopped veggies and fry for about 2 minutes, Mash the tomatoes well & add it to the pan along with salt, Cook until the tomatoes turn soft and blend well with veggies. The raw smell of tomatoes should disappear, Add cooked pasta and 1 tablespoon oil. Toss well. Adjust salt as needed. Add coriander leaves and serve Hot.