Graptosedum California Sunset

Weight:- 400 g

Graptosedum California Sunset






Full sun is the best situation but they will also grow in partial sun with slightly rangy results .Full sun plants tend to be yellowish-pink, pearlescent and slightly translucent. Those in punishing heat turn gray with pink overtones. Ghost plants need excellent drainage and moderate water


Graptosedum California Sunset is a succulent plant with compact, Echeveria-like rosettes with a unique, orangish-pink color. It is long-cultivated and more widely-distributed than most of the hybrids .The rosettes are at the tips of eventually decumbent stems, which can simply be cut back and restarted to maintain a more compact plant. New growth is a grayish-green but soon takes on its distinctive coloration that is enhanced by drought as well as cool winter temperatures. The durability and grayish new leaves of this hybrid are imparted by Graptopetalum paraguayense. The pastel coloration and white flowers come from the other parent, Sedum adolphi.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping