Agave Salmiana

Weight:- 1500 g

Green Giant




Central & Southern Mexico


Green Giant presents a spiral-shaped rosette with large flared and erect leaves. These leaves are thick, dark green with a large sting at the tip and strong spines on the edges.

The plant only flowers once and then dies. This flowering occurs after 15 to 25 years in the form of a vertical floral stem, typically up to 4m (13ft) long and bearing greenish-yellow flowers. The largest specimens have been significantly taller. The elderly Cactus reach 1.8 m height and the leaves are in a 3.6 m diameter circle.


Agaves need full sun and gritty soil that percolates easily. They can even do quite well when potted but use an unglazed clay pot that will allow evaporation of excess moisture.

Water needs are moderate to light depending upon the heat of the season but the Cactus should be allowed to dry out before irrigation

In growing season they benefit from the application of a granulated time release fertilizer that will provide nutrient to the plant.

Landscape Uses

Makes an attractive landscape plant and grasslands. For a pot culture, it requires a container of very large size to remain in an harmonious appearance. It can be used to fix a slope.