Grewia Asiatica - Phalsa

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Weight:- 750 g

Grewia Asiatica




Southern Asia


Grewia Asiatica is commonly known as Phalsa is a shrub or small tree which can grow up to 12 feet high. Its bark is greyish-white or greyish-brown. Leaves with serrated margins vary from broadly heart-shaped to obliquely ovate. The flowers are yellow about 2 centimeters in length, and borne in densely crowded (rarely solitary) axillary cymes. The fruit is edible, rounded, small dark blue to almost black when ripe, sweetish and somewhat acid, with a fairly good flavor and each drupe contains a rather large seed.


Grewia Asiatica prefers full sun but will grow in part shade, moderate watering. It can stand light frosts which cause only shedding of leaves. The phalsa grows in most any soil-sand, clay or limestone-but rich loam improves fruit production.

Landscape Uses

It is most suitable for Gardening.