Hamelia - Hummingbird bush

Weight:- 750 g

Hamelia Patens




Florida and South America


Hamelia patens is a large perennial shrub or small tree that is typically grown as an annual. It typically makes a 4- to 5-foot mound of tubular, reddish orange flowers from early summer until late fall. Its leaves appear in whorls of between 3 and 7 at the nodes of the stems, and are about six inches long and lightly haired. The foliage often turns bright red before freezing back and the small, dark fruit is edible.The flower buds last longer than the flowers themselves and appear in great numbers. After maturing, the flowers drop off quickly and the plant requires only occasional shearing to keep it in a nearly perpetual state of bloom.

Hummingbirds & Butterflies are attracted to the tubular red flowers. Song birds also like to feed on the berries. The leaves and stems have been used for tanning an a concoction reportedly is used for various medicinal purposes.


Hamelia is very drought tolerant and thrives in most any soil as long as it is well-drained. Full sun or partially shaded locations are preferable to shady ones which will result in rank growth and little bloom.

Average water, fertilizing, and trimming is required. Add composted manure or to enrich the soil around the plant's roots. Trim lightly to shape anytime, but do a harder pruning in winters.

Landscape Uses

Perfect for bonsai because of its miniature features . Ideal for walkway or garden path