Hedychium 'Coccineum'- Scarlet Ginger (Bulbs)

Weight:- 500 g

Bottlebrush Ginger






Hedychium coccineum, Scarlet Gingerlily, is a robust tall-growing hardy ginger.It has narrow upwardly-pointing lanceolate foliage and produces startlingly beautiful flowers in late summer. Intricate, exquisite, gorgeous and showy: the orange-red blooms have delicate stamens with long pinkish filaments and bright orange anthers. These long stamens give rise to another of its common names, the 'Bottlebrush Ginger'.

The flowers of butterfly ginger lily attract hummingbirds and other pollinators and also make beautiful cut flowers.


Most Gingers need 2-4 hours of cool direct sunlight , i.e., early morning sunlight or filtered shade throughout the day. Gingers are fairly drought resistant once well-established but often have the best foliage and flower best under average moist to moist conditions with acidic or mildly acidic and fertile soils. When the flowers are all spent, cut off the stem to allow the plant s energy to direct towards the rhizomes. Keep the foliage well tended until it dies back, as it will keep collecting solar energy to store for the next season s bloom.

Landscape Use

Butterfly ginger plants can be grown in containers and brought indoors for the cool seasons. Ideal for Border, Container, Ground cover, Massing