Hibiscus 'Schizopetalus'

Weight:- 800 g

Fringed Hibiscus




East Africa


Fringed Hibiscus grows as a narrow, woody, evergreen shrub to 6-9’ tall on upright-arching stems clad with ovate, serrate, dark green leaves (to 5” long). Lantern-like flowers (to 3” across) bloom seasonally on long pedicels. Each flower features recurved, fringed, pink to red petals and a long slender pendent staminal column.

Hibiscus schizopetalus, commonly called 'Japanese lantern '. Although it is not native to Japan, its flowers droop from the branching in a manner reminiscent of Japanese lanterns, hence the common name. 


Hibiscus is heat tolerant and prefers neutral to acidic, well-drained soil and full sun.

Being a fast growing plant, hibiscus prefer well drained rich soil and regular watering. Thoroughly water to moisten the entire root-ball each time you water. Allow the soil to become slightly dry between watering approximately to a depth of between 1/2" deep for small containers to 1" deep for large containers. Never keep the soil soggy. Avoid using a saucer or empty any excess water from it 30-40 minutes after watering.

Landscape Use

Ideal for container plant or mixed border. Hibiscus plants are almost constantly visited by a variety of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.