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Antigonon leptopus






Mexican Coral Vine or Antigonon leptopus is a vigorous perennial climber, known for its dense green foliage and small delicate lantern shaped flower in long trailing lovely sprays. The plant has large tuberous roots and several ascending branches of 30-40 feet length. Flowers are bright pink, fragrant, produced as cascading racemes, attractive to bees and butterflies. Each flower has 5 petals with entire margin with acute tips, 8 stamens and 3 styles and stigmas. The flowers will turn dull pink and eventually brown as they age. It flowers in all seasons except for a short period during monsoon.Stems are slender, climbing onto other vegetation via tendrils that are borne on leaf axils. .


Coral vine will grow in virtually any kind of soil in full sun. . Mexican Coral Vine grow on well-drained soils in full sun. Tolerates drought when established but appreciates moisture during growing season.

Coral vine generally doesn't need fertilizer because the growth is rampant enough without additional nitrogen. For container plants, if you want more vigorous growth, apply a general-purpose, water-soluble fertilizer such as 20-20-20 in early summer

Keep an eye on coral vine in a warm climate. It may need repeated cutting back during its growing season to keep it under control

Landscape Use

Annual vine for trellises, arbors or fences. Containers. Greenhouses.