Ipomoea cairica

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Weight:- 500 g

Railway Creeper




Tropical America


Ipomoea cairica is a vigorous, perennial climber, with a tuberous root that is brown outside and white inside. The stem grows up to about 5 m long, and is smooth and twining. The leaves are green, palmate, dissected into 5-7 leaflets, 30-100 mm in diameter. The leaves are alternate and crushed leaves are not aromatic..

The flowers are trumpet-shaped, 30-60 mm long and 40-60 mm in diameter, purple to pinkish with a dark-centred eye and closes in mid-afternoon. It blooms throughout the year, and in a population one may find flowers and fruits occurring simultaneously.

The fruit is a capsule, 8-12 mm in diameter, roundish, green maturing to brown when they pop open, freeing small, brown, hairy seeds. It is a fast-growing plant and very aggressive.


As a houseplant, this plant will do best if you allow it to go dry in between waterings, but if left dry for too long, the leaves will wilt. Check the soil with your finger to ascertain how moist it is. If it feels damp to the touch, then wait a while before watering it.

Ipomoeas need bright sunlight to retain their spectacular colour. Keep it in moderately fertile and well drained soil. You can prune them in summers. Fertilize them once a month in the growing season but Don't fertilize it during winters.

They also make for beautiful climbers for which you can provide them some support.

Landscape Uses

Perfect for containers, as a filler or as ground cover.