Iris Moraea

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African Iris




Southern Africa


Moraea iridioides, also known as Fornight Lily or Morea Iris, has sword-shaped leaves that grow in a fan-like pattern and beautiful white iris-like flowers that extend above.

The African Iris flowers are unique and striking. Blooming primarily in spring and summer and periodically throughout the winter. Younger plants flower less, but within 2 years of its initial planting, the African Iris will begin to flower year round. Although the flowers are short lived, they are numerous; with each stalk producing a large supply of buds. The flower stems are perennials, and therefore do not need to be cut back once they flower.


Grow fortnight lilies in light, dappled shade to nearly full sun. Once established, fortnight lilies tolerate poor, dry soils, but do best in a well drained soil with regular watering during the growing season.

African Iris reach optimum growth when protected from afternoon sun and planted in garden soil with good drainage.

It is very versatile and can be planted in various mediums from moderately dry soils to wetlands.Plants grow to 4 or 5 feet tall in standing water, making it ideal for water gardens and wet soil. They reach about 2 to 3 feet in soil.

Cut the spent blooms off of the spike to encourage rebloom on the same stalk.

Landscape Use

Great in pots as well as gardens, the African Iris is also used around water and as a feature softening rock landscaping.