Iris Neomarica gracilis

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Brazilian Iris






Neomarica Gracilis, also known as Walking Iris. It is clump-forming, with 24-inch long, pendulous, deep green and glossy sword-shaped leaves emerging from a group of congested rhizomes

In late winter and spring, the plant produces a 3-foot tall spike that bears a 3-inch diameter, light blue iris-like flower. The spike is enclosed in a sheath-like leaf, so it is flattened and resembles the leaves. N. gracilis has white outer petals marked with bands of brown or yellow at the base and bright blue, erect central petals.The flowers are lightly fragrant and last only one day, but will continue to be produced every few days for a month or more.


Grow fortnight lilies in light, dappled shade to nearly full sun. Once established, fortnight lilies tolerate poor, dry soils, but do best in a well drained soil with regular watering during the growing season.

Brazilian Iris reach optimum growth when protected from afternoon sun and planted in garden soil with good drainage.

It is very versatile and can be planted in various mediums from moderately dry soils to wetlands.Plants grow to 4 or 5 feet tall in standing water, making it ideal for water gardens and wet soil. They reach about 2 to 3 feet in soil.

Cut the spent blooms off of the spike to encourage rebloom on the same stalk.

Landscape Use

The Walking Iris is a great addition to rockeries, surrounding ponds, bordering pathways or just as an under-story filler.