Ixora Parviflora variegated

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Ixora variegated






A dense rounded evergreen shrub with deep glossy oval green foliage. A tall shrub with very showy foliage & clusters of white, insignificant flowers. I

The growth habit is semi-dwarf, maturing at around 2 feet with and a dense, tight, growth habit.The blooms with clusters of white to near white star shaped florets, with wonderful lingering scent. Flowers are small, tubular, 4 petaled, and are borne in dense clusters which are 4 to 6 inches across. It blooms throughout the year in warmer areas with the heaviest bloom in summer.

Its best and most interesting feature however is the variegated foliage and slower growth habit.

It has small rounded leaves glossy medium to deep green leaves that vary from splashed and speckled with white variegation to almost solid creamy white new growth.

Leaves are evergreen, oblong, opposite/whorled in arrangement, 3 to 4 inches long, and medium green in color. The new foliage is often bronze colored.


Plant Ixora in moist, organic enriched and well-drained acidic soil, and where there is abundant sunlight and humidity for optimum growth and flowering. Remove flowers when withered and dried leaves if any.

Prune annually to keep bush in shape or to encourage flowering, instead of repeatedly shearing off branch tips which will inhibit emerging flower buds.

Feed monthly with a water-soluble fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants.

It is susceptible to yellowing of leaves (chlorosis) when grown in alkaline soil.

Landscape Uses

Excellent for hedges, screens or massed in garden beds and borders