Jacaranda Mimosifolia - Mimosa Jacarnanda

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Weight:- 2500 g

Jacaranda Mimosifolia




South America


Jacaranda Mimosifolia is commonly known as Mimosa Jacarnanda and it is an ornamental tree. Flowers are clusters of purple, fragrant, trumpet-shaped blossoms. There are also varieties available with white blossoms. This tree grows to a height of anywhere from 5-50' tall and 15-60' wide. The fruit is a dry, brown, round pod that is 1 to 3" wide and typically develops in late summer


Jacaranda Mimosifolia does best in well-draining, slightly sandy soil. For the best blooming, plant Jacaranda mimosa folia in full sun. Small trees can live in light shade if necessary. The jacaranda is moderately drought tolerant but requires watering during dry periods.

Landscape Uses

It is grown as street trees.