Jasmine Sambac 'Belle of India'

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Weight:- 400 g

Jasminum Sambac




Himalayan region, but it is now found distributed throughout tropical and subtropical Asia.


Sweet fragrance, double pure white flowers and an upright vining habit make this cultivar of Jasminum sambac a pleasure to grow. The fragrance emitted from this jasmine makes finding that special place in your house worth it. Long pointed buds open to wonderfully fragrant large starry white flowers to 2" across that are borne in small clusters from spring to fall on this evergreen twining climber or arching shrub.


They are warm, lowland tropical plants and need a warm root system.

  • Use clay pots to maintain healthy roots.

  • Bring soil to visual dryness between waterings.

  • Occasionally bring to a slight wilt between waterings.

  • Moderate amounts of fertilizer, not heavy feeders.

  • Stop feeding in winter.

  • All respond well to pruning; best not to prune in winter when growth is slow.

Landscape Use

Grown in gardens, ornamental tree, landscaping, grassland, elsewhere and indoors as a houseplant (front or backyard).