Jasminum Grandiflorum 'Chameli'

Weight:- 500 g

Royal Jasmine


Oleaceae (Jamine family)


South Africa


It is easy to grow, takes both sun and shade, dry and humid conditions.


Chameli is fast growing, strong climbing, semi-evergreen vine. This vine has lots of fragrant white flowers in spring, summer, and fall. It blooms on new growth and prefers a moist well-drained light soil enriched with organic matter. Drought and pollution tolerant .This plant blooms summer-autumn and can grow to 20-40 feet in height.

An age old Indian folk treatment, jasmine was used to suppress milk production. Apply fresh jasmine flowers to the breasts. One Indian study matched bromocriptine with the application of jasmine flowers and both treatments were equally effective lactation inhibitors.

Landscape Use

Specimen climber, can be trained around topiary form. Also does well in containers