Jasminum 'Nervosum'

Weight:- 700 g

Wild Kund


Oleaceae (Jamine family)


Himalaya, Bhutan


Jasminum Nervosum is very similar to Jasminum Multiflorum but have larger flower and is a wild climbing shrub while later is dwarf variety. It has 8 lobed white flowers and is very fragrant. The star shaped flowers can sometimes cover the entire plant, leaving very few leaves visible. It is an evergreen, branching vine that can be trained as a shrub, or as a spreading, vine-like shrub. The leaves are ovate and rounded at the base, up to 2 in (5.1 cm) long, and opposite each other on the stem. The white, clustered, star-shaped flowers appear between March-July and have a pleasant fragrance.


Wild Kund prefers full sun to partial shade. The plant doesn t like to be dried out for any length of time, and also does not like sitting in water but prefers moist soil .It requires frequent pruning to keep shape.

Landscape Use

Specimen climber or Shrub. Also does well in containers