Kalanchoe Delagoensis

Weight:- 400 g

Chandelier Plant


Crassulaceae (sedum family)




Kalanchoe delagoensis is a perennial succulent, reproducing asexually by means of small plantlets borne at the ends of each leaf. Stem erect, up to 3.3 feet , often with short sterile shoots at the base. Leaves simple, usually ternate, sub-cylindrical, up to 6 inches long, up to 0.6 cm wide, lower surface sulcate, often spotted with reddish brown, margins near apex with 3 - 9 conical teeth between which spoon-shaped bulbils are produced. Umbels of trumpet-shaped up to 1.2 inches (3 cm) long orange to scarlet flowers that dangle in clusters from the top of the plant.


Locate the Alligator Plant in bright, but indirect light for several hours per day. When growing Kalanchoe outdoors, avoid direct afternoon sun.Too much direct sunlight may cause leaves to become sunburned

This plant does need good drainage and is best potted in a soil mix containing ECA or sand for sharper drainage.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping