Kalanchoe Luciae Cotyleden

Weight:- 400 g

Kalanchoe tetraphylla- Desert Rose




South Africa


Performs well with partial sun in extremely hot summer areas well-drained soil. Drought Tolerant. Provide porous,. Do not over water.. Prune to remove wayward, dead, or top-heavy growth.


Paddle Kalanchoe-Red Pancakes is the most popular modern succulent due to its whimsical form and intense winter color. Its leaves are flat, like pancakes, layered into an odd rosette. This plant bolts when it blooms, with the center stem elongating into a gangly white stalk. Those sold in nurseries are youngsters raised to maximum size for immediate use, but they do not last more than a year before bolting, which spoils their looks. Once paddle plant flowers, cut off the stem and give the remnant of the plant good care. It will soon produce many new offsets that can be plucked off and rooted.

Landscape Use
Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping