Kalanchoe Synsepala

Weight:- 500 g

Kalanchoe Synsepala






The fleshy leaves have pretty reddish purple margins. Plantlets will form at the ends of arching branches, and reroot where they touch the ground, allowing them to 'walk' away from their 'mother' plant, hence its common name 'Walking Kalanchoe'. Creamy white blooms, with a touch of pink, appear in the spring.


Kalanchoe Synsepala prefers full sun to semi-shade sunlight and moderate watering. It has a moderate growth rate and it requires no special maintenance. Plant in partial sun to light shade areas when growing Kalachoe plants. Kalanchoe care is minimal but be cautious about light levels. Strong southern light can burn the tips of the leaves. The flowering varieties are highly rewarding for their colorful and long-lasting flowers. They prefer bright, sunny locations, especially in the summer growing season

Landscape Uses

Small Gardens, Interiorscape/ Indoor Plant, Container Planting, Hanging Basket.