Kashmiri White Honey

Weight:- 330 g

Type: Monofloral
Flavour: Sweet, Light, Vanilla floral
Colour: Light Yellow to Amber
Nectar Source: Robinia Psuedoacacia / Kashmiri Acacia
Harvesting Season: June - July
Region of Origin: Kashmir
Pairing: Chamomile or white tea, fresh ricotta cheese

Our Kashmiri White Honey comes from Kashmir as the name suggests. Made from the nectar of the white flowery of the Kashmiri Acacia, its antioxidant and antibacterial properties make it one of the best honey in the world.

The aroma of acacia and white spring flowers and the mild silky texture on the palate makes it a perfect complement to most dishes. It pairs incredibly well with Chamomile tea and fresh ricotta cheese.