Kerala Rainforest Honey

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Weight:- 330 g

Type: Multifloral
Flavour: Strong, moist and sweet
Colour: Colourless to Light Amber
Nectar Source:Cherry, gooseberry, jujube, coffee, wild sage, passion flower
Harvesting Season:January to March
Region of Origin: Idukki Region, Kerala
Pairing:Slather on root vegetables, sprinkle a little thyme and bake. Also great with a fresh coffee grind

Our Rainforest honey is harvested from the forests of Kerala. Wildflower honey from such rainforests have traditionally been used by locals as a remedy for cough and cold and even as an energy booster.

The structure of wildflower honey changes from season to season depending on the flowers which are in bloom. Its sweet taste makes it a great choice to pair with fresh coffee grind.