Kokedama Moss Ball - Haworthia Longifolia

Weight:- 800 g 500 g

Kokedama Balls


Kokedama is a traditional bonsai discipline in which the roots of a plant are bound into a spherical form with moss and clay. The Japanese word, Kokedama, translates to "moss ball," and the practice originated in Japan during the Edo Era, c.1600. Sometimes called string gardens, each piece can sit in a shallow dish or hang with the attached fishing line loop, making them lovely additions to any window or tabletop.

The Kokedama collection celebrates simplicity and the integrity of natural materials and processes. Its clever design means that layers of soil, moss and thread not only create a self contained vessel for the plant to grow but a living sculptural object.

Please note: plant species vary based upon availability, and the photos are intended to show species frequently available. If you'd like to request a particular species, just add a note to your order on the cart page, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

Every Kokedama is 100% handcrafted


Light: Medium to bright indirect light - avoid direct sun

Water: Water when moss feels near dry . Feel moss /soil at base of plant and check overall weight of kokedama to assess if it s time to water; see guidelines below. Soak entire moss ball in room temperature water for 20-30 minutes, until fully saturated. For best results, research the needs of your particular species. Reduce watering during winter. It s normal for moss to brown over time

Location: It's best to keep most plants out of direct sun and away from drafts, so be sure to hang them slightly away from windows. You can also set your kokedama in a shallow bowl or dish and place it at your desk, on a shelf, or on the windowsill.