Magnolia Genie

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Weight:- 1500 g

Magnolia Genie




New Zealand


Magnolia Genie is the result of 15 years of breeding resulting in a compact, small tree maturing at perhaps 10-13 feet tall. Sensational black-red buds open to small globular tulip-shaped blooms of deep rich maroon-purple on both surfaces, with nicely reflexed tepal tips paling to a lighter magenta, rose shade. ‘

Genie’ has lightly scented blooms from early spring to early summer, and mid to late summer where conditions are not too dry. Genie has deep red, almost black buds that open into medium-sized flowers with 6-12 petals that open into 10-15 cm wide, cup-shaped, lotus-like flowers. It starts flowering in the middle of the magnolia season and continues almost into summer when it offers a few extra flowers on the background of deep green, healthy foliage. It grows slowly about 3m tall and wide in a regular pyramidal shape. Genie flowers already as a two-year-old seedling. 

Magnolias are not supposed to be pruned. You can prune old shrubs if ill, or trim them to shape or to reduce the size, or make an elementary cut to young plants of unsightly or unhealthy appearance. Do this as soon as possible after flowering to secure setting of flower buds for the following year.


Magnolia Genie is quite easy to plant. All they need is light, well-drained, acidic soil with equal moisture throughout the year. Once established they can do with occasional drought but will not look as nice as the ones with regular watering. Just pay attention to how to plant your magnolia.

First, find it a spot where it will live forever and ever. It does not like transplanting. And as it makes shallow roots reaching well over its spread stay away from disturbing the roots by digging or messing about around it. Just cover the soil with bark mulch and do not plant anything else near it after say the second year after planting onwards. You could damage the very important top roots that absorb maximum moisture and nutrients from the soil. Also, avoid planting magnolia too deep. It is fully hardy to -27°C and supposed to survive -29°C

Landscape use

Grown in gardens, ornamental tree, landscaping, grassland, elsewhere and indoors as a houseplant (front or backyard)