Mango steen (Pre-order)

Weight:- 500 g

About: Mango steen is also known as purple mango steen is a dark edible fruit native to southeast Asia, it is a handsome tropical fruit valued for its delicate texture, characteristic aroma, and slightly astringent flavor.  Mango steens have a thick, hard, deep red rind surrounding snow-white flesh, which is in segments resembling those of mandarin orange.

Health benefits: Mango steen's vitamins and minerals are essential for a variety of body activities, including DNA synthesis, muscular contraction, wound healing, immunity, and nerve communication. The antioxidant profile of mango steen is one of its most notable features. Antioxidants are substances that can counteract the negative effects of potentially hazardous molecules known as free radicals, which have been related to a variety of chronic diseases.

How to use: Mango steen is simple to prepare and eat, yet depending on where you live, it may be tough to locate. The season for this fruit is relatively short, which limits its availability. When ripe, the inner flesh is white and highly juicy. For a delightful boost of flavor, this section of the fruit can be eaten raw or added to smoothies or tropical fruit salads.

Simple recipe: