Monadenium ritchiei f. variegata

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Weight:- 1500 g

Monadenium ritchiei f. variegata






A variegated form of Monadenium ritchiei is unusual species , very closely related to Euphorbia. The stems are yellow & green and lumpy, almost like a melted candle. The flowers are bright pink. Leaves are an attractive pinkish brown in high light, green in lower light. The leaves drop readily in the winter or during stressful times in the summer, but grow back quickly once the plant is actively growing again. New growth is green and becomes yellow in time. This plant varies in color depending on time of year and conditions. In winter it is at peak color as it is yellow with orange highlights.


Takes normal succulent care (lots of light, keep on dry side). Drops its leaves in the winter and should be kept drier at that time. It really hates being cool and moist, so if growing outdoors keep very dry in the winter. Does best if kept above 50 degrees but isn't absolutely required. Protect from frost.

In lower light and warmer temperatures it will turn more green. But the color comes right back when in high light and cooler temps

Landscape Uses
It is an excellent plant for garden rockery settings and desert type landscape.