Neoregelia Fireball

Weight:- 800 g

Neoregelia Fireball






Nregelia Fireball is an easily grown, epiphytic Bromeliad. Foliage takes on a deep red hue when grown in full sun. Small blue flowers appear in the center of mature rosettes. A single plant will quickly form a spectacular cluster of multiple rosettes by a liberal production of stolons (or runners).

The small rosette of this bromeliad comprises a radial bouquet of concave, sword-like leaves without spines. In the center of the rosette is a water-holding cup. In spring or early summer, mature specimens form pincushion-like flower structures in the center that are partially submerged with water in the rosette cup. Tiny white to lavender blossoms reach just above the water line.


Low maintenance, medium to light water needs.Grow 'Fireball' in a sandy or gritty soil supplemented with sphagnum moss. It can also be mounted onto a tree branch or grown in a container filled with bark nuggets or coarse compost. Keep leaf bases filled with water, especially if plants are exposed to direct sun rays.

Landscape Uses

Suitable for Container, Rock Garden & Xeriscaping