Nerine Sarniensis (Bulbs)

Weight:- 750 g

Guernsey Lily




South Africa


Nerine Sarniensis is a bulbous perennial with stout stems bearing in early autumn umbels of long-stamened, red or orange-red flowers to 4cm across, the narrow tepals recurved and wavy-edged with conspicuous stamens tipped with purple anthers, in late summer and early autumn. Narrowly strap-shaped leaves appear after the flowers


Use a rich, well-drained growing medium, and set the bulbs with the neck well above the soil level so only about half the bulb is buried, approximately 2 in deep to the base.  Place the bulbs 6-8 inches apart. The bulbs can be left in the same pot for several years, as they bloom best when crowded. Water freely when the plants have foliage but do not water when the bulbs are dormant.  They grow best in full to morning sun.

All nerines are highly susceptible to mealybug infestation.

Landscape Use

Used on trellis or fences. Cut flowers last up to 8 days in floral arrangements.


All parts of the plant are poisonous ...