Opuntia Microdasys Rufida Flor - Red Bunny Ears

Weight:- 600 g

Opuntia Microdasys Rufida Flor






Opuntia rufida (a.k.a. Opuntia microdasys subs. rufida) is a fairly large shrubby or tree like, blue-green prickly pear, with several branches and rarely with a somewhat definite trunk to ca 1.5 m high and 2.5 m wide. Spines are absent but the joints have copious evenly spaced areoles in which numerous reddish glochids are borne.

Flowers are pale yellow, becoming golden yellow to orange with age, usually from the areoles placed on the upper edge of the one year old cladodes


Demands full light growing for most of the year, except during the winter cycle. For the plant's health, light should be reduced to partial sun during this time.

The Polka-dot Cactus is a desert species. Cactus are a gardeners dream for their low maintenance and interesting appearance. Water can be the death of the plant but it does need consistent moisture during the growing season. Water the plant when the top one inch of soil is dry. Allow the water to drain out of the pot and remove any excess from the saucer. During fall and winter, water lightly only every 2- 3 weeks. Like most cacti, this specimen demands sandy soil-bases that drain easily

Feed Cactus monthly with low nitrogen fertilizer. Fertilization should stop one month before the planned winter cycle for the plant's health.

Landscape Uses

Makes an attractive landscape plant .It is an excellent plant for container growing. It always looks good and stays small.