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Weight:- 340 g

  • You will love this spicy ketchup if you are looking for something thats not too sweet and tastes like real tomatoes and chilly.
  • You may be disappointed with this ketchup if you are used to strong tastes attributed to food additives such as artificial flavours, MSG and high amount of sugar.
  • Made from certified organic tomatoes. Utmost care is given to quality of ingredients. No Preservatives or colours or flavours used in manufacturing. 
  • No chemicals used to stabilise the tomato ketchup. Sometimes there may be a slight tomato juice separation at the top of the surface so please just shake the bottle and use. Thats a small price to pay for avoiding chemicals.
  • Very low sugar ketchup - There is NO corn syrup or glucose syrup. No hidden sugars. This ketchup is as healthy as tomatoes are. The entire bottle of ketchup contains just 2 tablespoons of organic sugar.
  • This is a moderately spicy ketchup, that goes well with anything you pair it with. Try it with baked potato fries, sabudana cutlets, omelette or just about anything you can get creative with.
  • High tomato content - 85% tomatoes, 5% sugar and remaining 10% is brewed vinegar (and not synthetic acetic acid). Synthetic acetic acid, also called white vinegar is laboratory made and can cause sore throats. Our brewed vinegar is made from sugarcane, is completely natural, contains no artificial substances. There is no oil or fat content in this ketchup.


Ingredients: Organic tomatoes, Organic(dried red chillies, jalapeno chillies, ginger, garlic, red chilly, onion), celery, mixed herbs and spices, organic cane sugar, salt, brewed vinegar, citrus pectin