Organic Pizza & Pasta Sauce

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Weight:- 200 g

No Added Sugar - with 95% Tomatoes, fresh basil and parsley

Orchard Lane Organic Pizza Pasta sauce is made from fresh, organic tomatoes and high-quality herbs and spices. There are no preservatives or chemicals used. This is home-style juicy sauce that has some chunkiness to it and will not dry out your pizza in the oven. 

Making a delicious pasta is also just a matter of few minutes and we assure you the whole family will be asking for more.

  • You may love this sauce if you like authentic fine Italian taste, with subtle hint of herbs such as oregano and basil. There is no sugar added, which is how Italian pizza sauces originally are meant to be.
  • You may be disappointed with this sauce if you are used to strong tastes attributed to food additives such as artificial flavours and high amount of sugar.
  • This is a versatile Pizza/Pasta sauce, that is made from organic tomatoes. Periodic audits are done via Karnataka State Pesticide residue laboratory test. Utmost care is given to quality of ingredients. No Preservatives or colours or flavours used in manufacturing.
  • * No chemicals used , no stabilisers, no preservatives. No sugar added at all. 100% Natural and healthy. * High tomato content - 95% tomatoes, and the rest are herbs and spices. As healthy as tomatoes can be. We use the best Turkish oregano seasoning, which lends wonderful aroma to the sauce.
  • This sauce is not very thick! Instead it has a juicy texture that allows the pizza to remain soft and delicious and does not dry out the pizza base. And when you stir into pasta, the texture of this sauce is perfect to mix it easily.

Ingredients: Organic tomatoes, Organic(garlic, red chilly, onion), mixed herbs(celery, basil, parsley) and spices, salt, brewed vinegar, Extra virgin olive oil