Orostachys furusei - Chinese Dunce Cap

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Weight:- 400 g

Dunce s Cap






Orostachys furusei is a cute, little small succulent with soft green-brown leaves. up to 2 inches wide, fleshy rosettes, spread by short stolons to form an up to 1 inch tall and 18 inches wide patch. The rosettes are topped with up to 4 inches all towers jammed with tiny creamy flowers. A rosette usually flowers in the second or third year. Each spike is cone-shaped and resembles a dunce's cap, hence the common name. The flowering rosette dies after producing flowers but the younger offsets that have yet to produce flowers remain.


Easily grown in dry to medium well-drained sandy soils in full sun. Tolerates light shade. Tolerates drought, but prefers somewhat consistent watering. Avoid wet soils in winter. Plantlets may be removed, rooted in a moist medium and planted in other locations.

Landscape Use

Suitable for Rock garden. Small ground cover. Accent. Containers.

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